The care pathway is divided into modules that focus on the broadening of distinct cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills aimed at regained self-management over one’s life and well-being. A modular format that addresses distinct elements within the change process may introduce a more relaxing atmosphere as opposed to the intensity of the care pathway as a whole. From a didactic perspective a modular format gives opportunities to mark a set of definite and attainable goals, which can be conducive to programme adherence. Since modules can easily be skipped, repeated, or ordered to fit the needs of service users at this critical moment in life, a modular format also paves the way for personalising the treatment protocol. The care pathways modules can also be applied as standalone interventions in a pre- or post- treatment phase. For those on a waiting list for intensive therapy there are several modules that can act as a temporary buffer against distressing experiences, while activating common inherent capacities and external sources for support. For those who have concluded a long-term therapy trajectum some modules can act as a transition to a life without therapy.