Psychology Unwrapped

"The prejudice and discrimination against mental illness is just as invalidating as the disease itself. It undermines people who want to achieve their personal goals and keeps them from pursuing effective treatments," says psychological scientist Patrick W. Corrigan of the Illinois Institute of Technology, lead author of the report "The Effect of Stigma Mental Disorders in Searching for and Participating in Mental Healthcare."

Our mission

Open discussions about mental health and remove the stigma surrounding mental health by creating awareness for everyone who is struggling with life's challenges, knows someone in the immediate area and for anyone who is generally interested in mental health.
Psychology Unwrapped strives to provide as many people as possible with the skills, education and insights that are needed to overcome vulnerability and stigmatizing factors that have a direct link with mental health and the related care.

Psychology Unwrapped is a non-profit organization that cooperates with local universities and works on a voluntary basis with (PhD) students, professionals and clinicians.The events are purely voluntary, and it is not the intention to make money from the events.

We organize accessible, inspiring and scientifically based events that cover a wide selection of topics in mental health care, such as psychosis, dementia, obsessions, mania, love, isolation, nutrition etc. The program of local, self-organized events brings people interested in mental health together to share a unique experience that triggers discussions and makes connections.

The events are led by speakers who can be policymakers, experts by experience (patients), experts, researchers, PhD students, clinicians and professionals and will each have a TedX-like character. Every short meeting, presentation or panel discussion will be followed by a question / answer or discussion with the audience, our goal is to make every event interactive with a relaxed atmosphere to lower the threshold and participate in the discussion.

We want to open discussions between academics and everyone that is interested in mental health or one of our very divers’ topics. It is wonderful to see that at the events that we have organized thus far the audience regularly exist for 50 percent out of academics and 50 percent out of people that are interested but have no immediate professional connection to mental health. This is our goal and it’s our aim to keep continuing this trend.

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